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An example of an office building for which we can provide property appraisal services.

Office Building Appraisal Services in Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura Counties

Do you need to have a Southern California office building appraised? Michael Yates, our general appraiser, will generate comprehensive reports for sole owners, trusts, partnerships and corporations. His reports have been accepted by courts, banking institutions and government agencies.

  • Owner-occupied office facilities.
  • Single-tenant buildings.
  • Multi-tenant buildings.
  • Single storefront offices to skyscrapers.
  • Government-owned office buildings.
  • Mixed-use office and retail buildings.

The appraiser will perform a commercial comp analysis of similar structures to determine:

  • Current rental fees.
  • Asking rental fees.
  • Expenses and capitalization rates.

The appraised value of a vacant office building will be far less than it would be if fully leased at market rates. Additionally, some other factors affecting the value will be:

  • Tenant credit worthiness.
  • Lease terms.
  • Location of the building.

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the type of appraisal you require and the cost involved.



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