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Bail bond & immigration bond appraisals.

Appraisals for Bail & Immigration Bonds

By- Darius G. Carter
A1 Los Angeles Home & Commercial Appraisals

The people at A1 Los Angeles Home and Commercial Appraisals understand the difficult effects of a family member incarcerated or detained by immigration. The family wants them home but a bail amount more than the family has available may cause additional heartache. During these difficult times a quick and accurate appraisal of your properties may be required. We can can expedite this bail bond or immigration bond appraisal process.

A bail bond is, according to, the money posted by a “bondsman” for a defendant who cannot afford his bail. The defendant pays a certain portion, usually 10%. If the defendant fails to appear for a court hearing, the judge can issue a warrant for his arrest and threaten to “forfeit,” or keep, the money if the defendant doesn’t appear.

An immigration bond is issued for delivery of an alien guarantees that the individual will appear for all INS hearings on time and/or depart the United States at a specified date.

If the criminal bail or immigration bond will be secured by real property that you own, that’s when an appraisal may be required. In such a case, clearly, speed is of the essence.

We have a policy of  “In by 10am, out by 7pm.” If you can submit an order by 10am, the report will be completed and delivered by 7pm the same day.*

(*The appraisal order or request must by accepted and the site visit scheduled for that day. Then the delivery of the report will by email only).

Due to current workload and works-in-progress, most bail and immigration bond appraisals can be accommodated, but not all. The average delivery time for a standard appraisal is three to five days. When an appraisal with a short turnaround time is requested, the current work and works-in-progress may need to be postponed or rescheduled. In order to accommodate your needs, it is reasonable to expect a significant increase in appraisal fees due to the additional effort involved in completing the appraisal.

A1 Los Angeles Home and Commercial Appraisal do not provide the actual bail bondsWe provide real estate appraisals for bonds.


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