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Apartment house & apartment building appraisal services in Los Angeles.

Apartment House / Building Appraisal Services in Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura Counties

A1 Los Angeles Home & Commercial Appraisals provides professional appraiser services for apartment house building owners throughout Southern California.

Whether you’re buying, selling, refinancing or require a date of death valuation for some point in the past, we can handle it and invite your business. Numerous qualified and licensed commercial and residential appraisers are on staff, ready to respond to your needs. All you need to do is call us.

We can perform appraisals on all residential apartment buildings without limitation as to price, value, loan amount. or size — from basic duplexes to skyscrapers. My clients have been courts, attorneys, property owners, investors and tax accountants.

There are a variety of purposes for which we work. For tax accountants, to update a trust or to evaluate the property for tax purposes. Investors typically request a valuation for family trust redistribution.

Attorneys typically require an appraisal for divorce and bankruptcy allocation of funds.

For land owners, to appraise land on which to build apartments. For apartment house or building owners, or property management companies, purchase or refinance or for tax purposes.

There are three types of commercial and apartment appraisal reports:

1. Restricted appraisal. One client only, for one purpose.

2. Summary appraisal. The most common appraisal that’s used for banks, all lending institutions and government entities.

3. Narrative (or self-contained) appraisal. This is for multiple clients and multiple purposes. This is the most time consuming report to generate. The turnaround time after inspection of the property is typically a week for five- to 30-unit apartment buildings. For larger apartment houses, please inquire.



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